How do I know what size air conditioner I need?

Our website will show you some basic guides to selecting the right size air conditioner but there are many factors that determine which unit will best suit your needs, so contact us for more information

How much will it cost to run my air conditioner?

The power consumption of your unit is determined by the size of the unit and how you envisage you will use it, we can provide you with an estimate of running cost with just a few simple answers to some questions, please contact us for more information.

Do you provide quotes?

Yes our quotes are obligation free. All our quotes and site surveys for new installations are free of charge.  However if you live more than 25kms from Geraldton we can coordinate a site visit for you when we are in the area next.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions for your cooling & heating needs.

Can I obtain a quote online?

Please follow the Quote tab on our website or click here:

Here you will be able to give a brief description of what you are after, upload some photos or floor plans & we can get back to you the following working day with a quote!

What is the best location for the outdoor unit?

Consideration should always be given to well ventilated, non corrosive, if possible sheltered areas well away from flammable materials or appliances and with consideration of noise impacts. Making sure your outdoor unit is clear of trees or an area where there is a lot of debris is also a good idea. Our estimators can discuss your location options when quoting your installation.

How do I choose the best place to install a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner?

The first consideration for placing any wall-mounted indoor unit is establishing where best the air can be distributed evenly throughout your chosen room. Wall-mounted units are also best positioned high on a wall that has suitable access for drainage. However, there are different installation options, which our estimator will discuss with you in full when advising you on the selection and installation of air conditioning system. Aside from these more technical aspects, some common sense factors that are also important include making sure the indoor unit is easily accessible, so that you can clean the filter and unit regularly and make any manual adjustments (such as repositioning the louvers) easily.

Why do air conditioner installers need to be 'licensed'?

The refrigerant gas in air conditioners is a “controlled substance” under Australian Legislation. Release of the gas into the atmosphere adds to Global Warming and is punishable under law.  As such all installers are required to be licensed, and all people who repair or service air conditioners are required to have an even higher level of license.  You can search the government website to see if your installer or repairer is licensed.  All oour installation and service staff are fully qualified.

Does the outdoor unit need to be installed on a concrete slab or on brackets?

There are many different options for installing your outdoor unit, which are best discussed with your estimator during an on-site consultation to find the most suitable arrangement for your home.

Our estimator will explain how the location of the outdoor unit affects noise levels, and will advise on the best placements to counter this and other important considerations.

What are the key components of a ducted system?

The key components of a ducted air conditioning system consist of an indoor (inside the ceiling space) and outdoor unit and a series of air ducts and grilles and dampers that help distribute conditioned air throughout the home.

The indoor unit is concealed out of sight, in your ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing air through vents located throughout the home.

What is zoning and how does it work?

Zoning allows you to use the capacity of your ducted air conditioning system in the areas you want when you want by directing the cooled or heated air to the rooms you want cooled or heated. Zoning is achieved by having motor-controlled "dampers" (a valve or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct) situated within the ducts in your ceiling space.

Control of zones is accessed by using your controller, there are different types of zone controller which we can customise for you during your design process.

The outdoor unit is positioned in a suitable location outside the home.

Can I change my evaporate air conditioner to refrigerated air conditioning?

In short the answer is no, an evaporative cooler works on a different thermodynamic principles.  There are substantially different volumes of air between the two systems, making re-use of the flexible ductwork almost impossible. One of our friendly staff can explain this in further detail if you wish to know more details.

How does the payment process work for my new installation?

Once you decide to go ahead with your new air conditioner we arrange for payment of a deposit, and advise an installation date.  The balance fo the payment is due on the day we complete the installation and commission your new air conditioner.

Do you have a Commercial Division?

Yes we do! Cramer & Neill’s commercial division can accommodate a wide range of projects in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation.  We can design and document systems for any commercial or industrial situation, and we can install and service a vast range of systems.  Our clients can be confident they are receiving the highest quality equipment, materials, installation and after sales maintenance in addition to innovative and complete design solutions.

I live near the coast and am worried about the coil rusting?

This is a common issue in coastal areas, ask our estimator about our additional corrosion protection options for your new air conditioner.  Our recommendation is a treatment called “Blygold” which is applied at a factory in Perth prior to delivery to our store and this comes with its own 5 year warranty.