My A/C is not working 

If your Air Conditioner is not operating at all:

Is the Switch next to your outdoor unit turned on?
Is the circuit breaker in your switchboard turned on?

Nothing except the fan on the indoor unit is working

Check that you have the control set for Auto, Heat or Cool

Not cooling or heating as desired

Check you have the control set to Auto, Heat or Cool

Check the temperature on your controller is above the room temperature on Heating or below the room temperature on Cooling

Very little airflow or not efficient

Check the filter is clean. If necessary clean according to owners manual (never place a wet filter back in the air conditioner)

There is an error code on the display of my control

Contact our service department on 99656605 for more information

There are lights flashing on the indoor unit

Contact our service department on 99656605 for more information

How does the warranty on my new air conditioner work

Regardless of a repair job or a new installation because we take care of the whole job you only need to call us. We will determine of the warranty is a manufacturer issue or if it is ours, and either way we take care of it so you don’t have to worry about who to call.

Can I service the unit myself?

Servicing of air conditioning systems should always be undertaken by a trained and qualified technician. However, you can improve the efficiency of your system by undertaking a few simple procedures. These handy tips will be located in your user manual.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained?

Cramer & Neill recommend that your unit is serviced on a regular basis this has been proven to reduce the risk of failure of plant equipment and maintain the efficiency of the overall system.

Domestic units that are not in constant use and are used for cooling only generally require one service per year. Units that are in offices should be maintained at least twice per year to keep them running at their optimum level. For server rooms, we recommend at least three service visits per annum. For areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as kitchens, hairdressers or workshops, additional service visits should be carried out.

Why should I service my air conditioner?

Regular servicing and maintenance keep your unit running at maximum efficiency, significantly extends the lifetime of a unit and reduces operating costs. In addition, routine maintenance will ensure that the unit qualifies for the full warranty of up to ten years rather than just the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Do you service out of Geraldton?

Yes, we cover a large geographical area in the Midwest ranging from Kalbarri to Lancelin, across to Morawa & Meekatharra. We are not limited to these areas so please contact our service department for all enquiries 99656605 in regards to works.

How much do you charge for travel?

This depends on whether we are doing a dedicated trip for a client or whether we are able to coordinate a few clients into one trip and share the cost.  Speak to our service coordinator for a quote on travel 99656605.

What sorts of things aren't covered under my warranty?

Travel costs, After Hours Call Outs, filter cleaning, batteries for remote controls, damage caused by storms or events beyond our control.  Read you warranty conditions for a complete explanation.

Breezair & Braemar Specific service faults:

Please refer to this link for FAQ’s:

Do you do refrigeration repairs?

We do service and repair all types of commercial refrigeration including supermarkets, ice machines, display fridges, coolrooms but we don’t service domestic refrigerators.  Contact the manufacturer to find out who their local service agent is.