Training, Safety & Environment

Training and safety management is a priority at Cramer and Neill (see full Safety Management Plan here). As the company began to grow, the successive owners recognised this as key to continued growth and sustainability at Cramer and Neill.

Since 1982 Cramer and Neill has trained 28 apprentices in both the refrigeration and electrical fields, and is proud of the achievements of many of these young trades people with several going on to successfully run their own businesses or rise to management positions within the industry.

In addition to these apprenticeships, Cramer and Neill were instrumental in having the local TAFE college deliver Certificate 2 training for air conditioning installation, and since 2005 have completed 10 successful traineeships in this discipline, with another five traineeships being completed in administration or warehousing.

Whilst many of these young people moved on at some point after their training, it remains important to owner at Cramer and Neill to continue their commitment to training to provide the industry as a whole with a constant flow of skilled trades people. Cramer and Neill believe they continue to contribute to the skills shortage that still haunts the service industry in Western Australia.

Cramer and Neill’s commitment to training is not limited to apprentices with the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, Cramer and Neill also offer ongoing training for qualified employees in new products and diagnostic skills, sales, marketing and management, all of which have been undertaken to some degree by the business.

At Cramer and Neill, we make continuous learning is a high priority; the training and education of our employees is a key element in the management of their welfare.

As an employer, we believe that a genuine commitment to employee welfare is critical to the success of our business. To ensure this, Cramer and Neill place safety in the workplace as a major priority for all employees at all levels of the business. Our fundamental philosophy of ‘safety first and always’ is driven from the top down. Our order of achievement for all employees is:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity

All employees, including individuals completing work experience, undergo an internal safety induction as their first task when beginning with Cramer and Neill. All employees also undertake a basic first aid course to ensure they have adequate knowledge of workplace injury management.

Cramer and Neill host an internal monthly toolbox meeting, with a strong focus on occupational health and safety. Depending on employee’s individual role, our staff undergoes specific training in safety including working at heights, fire awareness, elevated work platforms, and confined space operations.

The Cramer and Neill management team understands the importance of waste management and environmental awareness, knowing our employees and customers will value our positive attitude in taking proactive steps to develop sound policies around this.

Since 2008, Cramer and Neill have taken significant steps in reducing the paper usage within the business by embracing digital technologies. We have also adopted a stringent compliance regime in relation to discharge of refrigerant gases, and the disposal of oils and solvents. Whilst the local facilities for recycling are well behind metropolitan and other large regional centres, we endeavour to minimise our landfill impact in this area by recycling scrap metals and cardboard. Cramer and Neill also look to our major equipment suppliers for energy efficiency in their products and this is an element of the sales process with our clients.