Quality Assurance

Quality and Continuous Improvement are not just words on a piece of paper at Cramer and Neill. When the company first achieved accreditation to ISO9002 in the 1990’s it was a credit to the then owners, however with time the management of the company realised that whilst the quality system had provided a lot of valuable tools the onerous and costly process of maintaining accreditation was not continuing to add value to the business.  In 2002 after a reassessment it was decided that the business would take the key elements of the quality system and develop it’s own internal system which focussed on the parts of the business that would allow it to continue to meet it’s customers and staffs expectations.  That system is still in place today and is refined on a continuous basis as technology and human resource requirements also evolve.

Understanding why mistakes are made and being able to take action to rectify and avoid repetition is the core of any quality system, and when this philosophy is applied to safety, accounting and human resources, as well as to the service and installation of air conditioners the value of that quality system is increased measurably.