Key Projects

The senior management at Cramer and Neill have significant experience in the industry and have led the company through many key projects.  Some of the larger scale commercial projects successfully completed by Cramer and Neill include:

Opal Nursing Home

The recent 40 bed upgrade to the Opal Aged Care facility in Geraldton included air conditioning, ventilation and a full kitchen fit out, and as the new building was physically tied into the existing facility the works incorporated alterations to existing mechanical systems. Over many years we have been proud to be associated with the ongoing maintenance and servicing of the air conditioning and ventilation systems at Opal.


The replacement of the Chilled Water System in this iconic building was a major refurbishment which involved new chilled water air handler units, mechanical cleaning of the existing ductwork and the installation of a cooling tower on the roof of the building. The smoke spill and relief air for the complex was significantly upgraded to facilitate all the current code requirements. The fire control and monitoring system was also upgraded as part of this project. The heating for the building was provided through the installation of a gas powered boiler and heating water coils. Finally in order to optimise the energy consumption of the HVAC plant a fully integrated and remotely monitored Building Management System was installed to control all of the building service elements.


Ongoing service and maintenance of the production and administration operations fort he Midwest.  Over recent years we have also undertaken the design, and installation of upgrades to cooling systems for the electrical control rooms in the main plant and in the laboratory areas.


Design and Installation of cold and frozen storage rooms for the new Foodbank warehouse in Geraldton. The rooms were designed to incorporate display doors for retail access, whilst allowing for bulk product  access and storage to 5 metres internally.  Additionally we provided all the airconditioning and ventilation for the administration, staff and community kitchen areas.

WA Museum

With the critical requirements for internal conditions in order to protect many valuable artefacts, the maintenance and servicing of the climate control systems in this building has been an important element of our service department for many years.  Close coordination with the client in identifying energy cost management and planning replacement of systems has been a key part of this relationship.

Central Regional TAFE (formerly Durack Institute)

As this facility has evolved over the past 20 years the mechanical services in several of the key upgrades has been undertaken by us, this includes most recently the upgrade to B Clock and the construction of H and J Blocks, the construction of the Trade Learning Centre on the Moonyoonooka Campus, which incorporated a vehicle exhaust extraction system for large trucks and earth moving plant, the construction of the new commercial kitchen training facility in U Block. We were also instrumental in introducing a corrosion resistance treatment in all new installations throughout the Main Campus and the BCMI campus.

Batavia Apartment complex

The largest mixed use construction in Geraldton comprised a mix of retail, hospitality, owner occupier and serviced apartments in the one project.  The requirements for the mechanical services were not complex but required close coordination with the. Construction in order to meet the specific design requirements. toward the end of the main construction phase we undertook the fitout of the retail/commercial tenancies in consultation with the individual owners which required D&C involvement on our part.

Nagle Catholic College - Gymnasium

This flagship building at Nagle Catholic College, is one of the most versatile educational facilities in Geraldton.  The HVAC works on this project include refrigerated AC via Digital Scroll VRF systems, with the necessary requirements for outside air. The associated workspaces around the main hall include physical activity rooms as well as general learning areas and the design of the HVAC system in these areas incorporated the use of Heat Recovery Ventilators.  Extensive exhaust systems provide the required ventilation in the change rooms and ablution areas.

Nagle Catholic College - Library

The HVAC system in the new library was designed to accommodate the main open area with a minimum of noticeable airflow, the use of low volume ducted systems to provide a temperature controlled “space” was the design concept, the use of VRV systems allowed better control of energy and capacity when only the satellite areas were in use

Geraldton Grammar School - Batavia Hall 

The feature building on the Grammar School Site is the Batavia Hall, the HVAC systems in this building utilise large package style AC units to distribute conditioned air through the main auditorium at high level, whilst maintaining an aesthetic consistency in the architecture of the hall.

Geraldton Grammar School Library

The use of VRV systems was applied in the conditioning of the Library building, the library space itself was itself was Soon after the construction of the main hall the new Library was constructed to provide

Lotteries house

One of the most complex HVAC systems installed in a commercial property in Geraldton was required because of the way the building was tenanted.  The design was intended to incorporate a low energy economy cycle system to reduce the operating costs. The Building Management Control System needed to facilitate the operational requirements of many different Not For Profit tenants. 

209 Foreshore Drive

The HVAC on this 3 storey building was a “zoned” VRF design concept utilising multiple small ducted systems with an over riding BMS system.  The idea of zoning the VRF systems and using the ceiling void for return air was to accommodate a largely unknown tenancy fit out scenario.

Geraldton Community Health Building

The HVAC upgrade of this building at the time the new hospital was constructed was an interesting logistical exercise as the building operated off the chilled water system of the original hospital and was fully occupied during the refurbishment.  Coupled with this being the first VRV system installed in Geraldton, the work was carried out at night time over a period of 6 months and all inside the roof space. With all systems operated by PIR sensors.

Geraldton Trade Training Centre

This shared manual arts facility provided a very large scope for the mechanical services, the actual air conditioning was one of the smaller components, the scope included welding bay extraction, reticulated compressed air, reticulated industrial gases, chemical fume extraction, and a cyclonic dust extraction system.

Exmouth DHS

As the capacity of our business increased we began to undertake project related works outside our immediate geographical area, one of the first was the Exmouth High School Upgrade. The project involved a variety of air conditioning systems throughout the new buildings, and an assortment of ventilation systems from standard toilet exhaust to specialist extraction for a number of the manual arts learning areas.

Kununurra Police Station

Ongoing issues with humidity control in this building necessitated a complete refit of HVAC systems.  After successfully tendering for the project we facilitated the works within the specified timeframe and to the satisfaction of the engineers overseeing the project.  The management of the logistics involved in undertaking work so far away provided us with knowledge and experience to continue to seek out distant projects.

Balgo Community Police Station

Whilst not overly large or technically complex the remote location of this project provided us with some challenges.  Additionally the relatively short time frame and the climatic extremities allowed us to engage with our team to deliver the project.